At the Soundingboard, we believe that the best way to support people, is to meet them where they are without judgement. As an organization created for Survivors of Sexual Assault, by Survivors of Sexual Assault - we are passionate about using shared experiences to promote healing and self-discovery. 


We believe that as technology continues to drastically change the way we communicate and interact socially; it is more important than ever to create and embrace support systems that adapt to evolving technological demands in order to better serve Survivors. While providing one on one support to Survivors is ideal, we recognize that by failing to provide a safe online support network - we could fail to meet people where they are.

Our site is a work in progress. In its current form, we hope it will allow Survivors and the Warriors who love them to share their experience and support others as we work to heal and move forward. We invite you to join, share your story when you are ready - but always know, you are never, ever alone!

With love, The Soundingboard Project Team

The first $500 award of the Soundingboard Survivor Fund will be distributed on April 16, 2018 to a survivor in our community seeking financial support to assist in her or his healing. 
With your help, this on-going fund will allow us to provide a helping hand to survivors with legal and/or self-care fees. Please click on the image below to donate to the Survivor Fund today! 
Think the Survivor Fund could support you in the healing process? Please fill out the questionnaire below for consideration.

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