One Year Later...

This year has been a big one for The Soundingboard Project. After years of talking about creating a space for survivors, the beginning stages of my dream were realized thanks to your on-going support. The website launched, we achieved 501(c)3 non-profit status, and we kicked off initiatives like Tasty Tuesday and The Soundingboard Project Book Club with a goal of promoting wellness to create healing.

On a personal note, I became a Mom to a beautiful girl who has filled all the broken parts of my heart and soul with an indescribable joy. She gives my life, and this work purpose. Reconciling how to adequately do both has candidly been a challenge.

So, is The Soundingboard Project close to achieving the vision or mission? Regrettably, no. BUT, that does not mean we are going anywhere.

Each time I look in my daughter’s eyes, the desire to advocate and create a safe space for survivors is renewed. Yet each day I dive deeper into Motherhood, I realize this (all of it) is not a one-woman job. The Soundingboard will need a team to be successful in creating programs that adequately serve survivors and promote healing through wellness.

This year I will be focusing primarily on building a team passionate about wellness and serving survivors. So, in the spirit of honest self-reflection, the inaugural Survivor Fund ($500) will be distributed a little different this year…

This year, we have donated the Survivor Fund to two organizations that have made a profound impact on the community and survivors they serve; while inspiring me – and The Soundingboard Project – on a daily basis.

I recognize we are not there yet; but remain hopeful that through partnership and collaboration we will get closer to the level of service that Center for Community Solutions ( and Network for Victim Recovery of DC ( provide. I am in awe of their dedication and commitment to survivors and am confident that their organizations are best equipped to use this fund to serve survivors this year.

With Love,


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